Category: Falls

Preventing Falls

Every year, approximately 30% of Australian’s over 65 will fall (1). No other single cause of injury, including road trauma, costs the health system more than falls (2). If you’ve had a fall in the past six months, your chances of falling again are increased(3).  Most elderly people fall in and around the home. If you have a serious injury, it can lead to a change in where you live.

April Falls Day

April Falls Day is an opportunity to promote and prevent falls and harm from falls.  The theme for April Falls Day 2017 is mobility and falls prevention “Moving right to stay upright”.   Westmead Private Hospital and Westmead Private Physiotherapy Services held an information morning tea today providing awareness and education for staff and visitors

Did you know:

  • Approximately half of falls experienced by older adults living in the community occur in their homes and immediate home surroundings including the garden. Risk factors in the home may include poor lighting, clutter, uneven or slippery floors and the use of unstable furniture to assist with movements. Removing or reducing these risk factors can assist in making the home environment safer for older adults and reduce their risk of falls.