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How to prevent netball knees!

Netball is the number one team based sport in Australia for women and girls. Anyone who has played or watched the sport will know that netball requires lots of sudden stopping and change of direction as well as repetitive jumping and landing. These activities place athletes at high risk of injury, with knees and ankles as the most commonly injured body parts, accounting for 85% of all injuries (Netball Australia National Insurance Data).

Do You Have Knee or Hip Arthritis?

We are looking forward to bringing you The GLA:D program – a six week program aimed at decreasing the symptoms of arthritis of the knee and hip. The program was originated in Denmark, where it has reduced symptoms by 32% and this effect has been maintained at 12 months.

Our Physiotherapists are currently undergoing training to conduct this course in our practice. We look forward to bringing it to you soon! Please call our rooms to register your interest now!