After an initial examination to determine your illness or injury, your physiotherapist will work with you to create a personalised treatment plan that will meet your health goals and prevent your problem recurring.

Physiotherapy treatment may include:

  • exercise program including stretches, strengthening and injury prevention exercises.
  • massage, joint immobilisation and manipulation
  • western dry needling
  • ergonomic assessment and advice
  • sport training and return to sport advice, and
  • electrotherapies such as ultrasound, interferential and heat or ice therapy

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Physio consultation times to suit any schedule

We offer early and late appointments, talk to our office staff to organise a time that suits you.

Do I need a referral?

Referrals are not necessary if you are a private patient, however, if your injury is work-related or you are a third party patient, then a referral is needed.

Can I claim my physio treatment through my private health fund?

Depending on what level of cover you have, you should receive a rebate from your health fund excluding any gap payment. We are able to help you access your rebate automatically through our electronic rebate facilities, which connect directly to your health fund when you settle the account.

HICAPS: Fast claims... on the spot

Do you treat Workcover or insurance-related claims?

Yes, we treat Workcover injuries and insurance-related claims. On your initial visit please bring your GP’s referral, your claim number and workplace details. You will need to settle your own account for your treatment unless you have prior approval from your insurance company, or you have already submitted the claim form to your employer.

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