Speech Therapy


Sydney West Speech Therapy

At Sydney West Speech Therapy, we work with you to form individualised therapy plans to improve communication and swallowing. Our aim is to provide intervention that is evidence-based and focuses on achieving your goals.

In addition to outpatient speech pathology consultations, Sydney West Speech Therapy also provides inpatient acute services at Westmead Private Hospital. Our speech pathologist is an accredited member of Speech Pathology Australia.

How can we help?

Speech pathologists work with children and adults to prevent, assess, diagnose and treat a range of communication and swallowing disorders. This includes:

  • Speech – the articulation of sounds to produce clear and intelligible speech.
  • Language – understanding and use of words to convey meaning.
  • Voice – production of sound through the vibration of vocal folds in larynx.
  • Fluency – refers to the rate and smoothness of speech production.
  • Swallowing – transporting food and drink safely from the oral cavity to the stomach.

We also provide early language intervention and literacy support to children to give them a kick start in achieving their school curriculum demands.

Health fund rebates

Our practice has a direct link with a range of health funds via HICAPS. Rebates are available depending on your level of cover.

Medicare Rebates

With some chronic conditions, your GP may refer you to Sydney West Speech Therapy under a care plan. Your eligibility will be determined by your general practitioner. When this applies to you, Medicare will contribute to the cost of your consultation.


Payment is required at time of consultation. Cash, Mastercard, Visa and EFTPOS are available.


For an initial speech pathology consultation, contact the clinic closest to you.