Experiencing the London Paralympic Games

London Paralympic Team

Paula Peralta, physiotherapist from our Penrith rooms, has been involved in providing sports coverage for a diverse range of Paralympic sports.

Paula’s report:

In the lead-up to the London Paralympic Games I helped cover a range of different sports. I was asked to be the Physiotherapist for track and field and shooting in the UK/European based camps immediately prior to the Paralympic Games. This was an amazing opportunity to be involved in the immediate preparation phase in the UK as the Olympic Games commenced. Cardiff became our base. The hype, excitement and atmosphere as each athlete and sport arrived was contagious.

After leaving track and field I met up with the shooting team in Switzerland. I had briefly met the athletes in Sydney and conducted screenings earlier in 2012. I had not been exposed to any shooting prior to this experience. I found this to be a fascinating sport which required high levels of concentration and composure.

Throughout my experiences with the Paralympic Team I have met and looked after very successful Paralympians including Libby Kosmala (shooting, 11 Paralympic Games) and Evan O’Hanlon (5 Paralympic gold medals) and many emerging athletes that will be household names in the near future.

I have been most impressed by the dedication, hard-working, modesty and well-balanced nature of these athletes with a disability. Each has their own story. They truly are inspirational.

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