Labelling Lingo

Have you ever stood in the grocery store, looking at a food product trying to decipher the ingredients list – and that’s after you have worked your way through the clever marketing that makes you pick it up in the first place.

The thing with shopping is that we are often creatures of habit, buying the same sauce that our parents did, or the same yoghurts you know the kids will eat, but taking the time to look at what is available can pay off in the long run – be it financially, nutritionally or even to mix things up and appreciate the food again.

A helpful tool to work your way through the marketing is an app called ‘Foodswitch’ by Bupa; it uses a traffic light system to guide you to potentially healthier options.

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Post by:
Samantha Rand
Bsc. (Nutrition and Food) & M.NutrDiet
Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist