Blacktown Women’s and Girls Centre Presentations

Last month, our Blacktown Women’s Health Physiotherapist Samantha presented a series of talks regarding bladder, bowel and pelvic health at the Blacktown Women’s and Girls Centre. This initiative was funded by the Continence Foundation of Australia. Each talk was aimed at different groups including 40-60 year olds, 60+ year olds and pre and postnatal women. Topics covered included good bladder and bowel habits, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic floor exercise and safe general exercise. If you’d like to see Samantha or one of our specialised women’s health physiotherapists, call us at any of our locations:

  • Blacktown: (02) 9672 3511
  • Westmead: (02) 9633 1035
  • Penrith: (02) 4721 5788
  • Bella Vista: (02) 8814 5551

Update to Pilates Changes

From April 1st2019, changes to Private Health Insurance mean that ‘Pilates’ will no longer be covered.

Recommendations from the Australian Physiotherapy Association are that the insurer may still pay benefits if a Physiotherapist is still providing services within their scope of practice. Exercise is an evidence based form of treatment provided by Physiotherapists and it is acceptable for exercises drawn from a ‘Pilates’ background to form part of an exercise treatment approach. However, if a Physiotherapist conducts a ‘Pilates’ session whereby the only exercise is ‘Pilates based’ these benefits cannot be lawfully paid.

Have you ever woken up with neck pain for no reason at all?

No Reason Neck Pain

First; don’t panic!

Second; see your Physiotherapist.

Before you rush off to break the bank, decking yourself out with a top of the line, brand new mattress and pillows, have a consultation with your physiotherapist. Not only will they be able to accurately diagnose what is going on after completing a thorough assessment, they will be able to effectively direct you with evidence-based and scientifically supported management strategies to assist you back to your normal daily activities, getting you back to what you enjoy most! Your physiotherapist will also be able to assess whether you need to see your doctor, or if you need any scans, to ensure that you don’t have to wait for any relief and ensure that you are not burdened with any unnecessary scans or costs.

Speech and language milestones

During the transition from infancy into the preschool years, children experience an intensive period of speech and language development. They learn about the world around them through play and their little brains work hard to understand the nuances of communication. 

Lower Back Pain Post-Pregnancy: FAQS

Why does Post-Pregnancy Back Pain Occur?

During pregnancy the muscles and joints of our pelvis and spine soften and stretch to allow your baby to grow inside the uterus and to become more flexible to prepare for childbirth. After pregnancy, these structures may remain more mobile for up to 3 months post-birth. This may mean that your back and pelvic joints are more susceptible to strain.