Outstanding Medal Haul for Swim Team in Berlin

Outstanding medal haul for Swim Team

Brett Doring from our Norwest rooms has recently returned from an exciting swimming tour of Berlin. He accompanied nine talented swimmers; plus coaches and other staff, to the Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaften (IDM).

Brett thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the opportunity to be able to support the team through his expertise in elite sport and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Brett has particular interest in water sports; he lists swimming, diving, water polo and surfing among his favourite sports.

Brett’s report:

Following the 2013 Australian Swimming Championships, I was asked to be the Team Physiotherapist for the 2013 MC Australia A tour to Berlin. This tour targets the development of athletes that are on the road to qualification for the 2016 Paralympic games. 

The 12-day tour involved some gruelling travel before 4-days of pre-competition training followed by 4-days of high quality competition against some 40 attending nations in Berlin. 

The Australia A team included 9 athletes of varied classification who were each racing up to 5x a day for the 4-days. The team was highly successful, returning to Australia with 11 medals and over 30 personal best performances. 

I returned from this tour impressed most by the unrelenting team support, positive attitude and willingness of these athletes to take risks to perform at their best in representation of Australia.

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