Post-operative Management


Post-operative Management

We are proud of our ability to assist people in achieving the best possible results from their surgery through our longstanding relationships with surgeons across Sydney and NSW. Members of our team provide one-on-one physiotherapy treatment, exercise programs and advice to people who have had:

  • arthroscopic or major orthopaedic surgery, including knee or shoulder reconstruction and knee or hip replacement
  • spinal (neck and back) and neurosurgery
  • hand surgery
  • plastic surgery, including reconstructive and cosmetic surgery
  • heart and lung surgery
  • breast cancer surgery, including management of lymphoedema
  • prostate cancer surgery, including management of urine leakage, and
  • vestibular surgery, including programs to improve balance and reduce the risk of falls

We work closely with all members of your healthcare team,  including your surgeon and general practitioner, to ensure the success of your surgery.


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