Spinal Pain Management


Spinal Pain Management

Our practice offers a comprehensive spinal treatment and rehabilitation service. This includes managing both spinal pain and post-operative rehabilitation.

Our approach to treating neck and back pain includes the following:

  • “hands on” treatment including manual therapy and massage to work on the joints and muscles of the spine
  • the use of dry needling to release muscle spasm and trigger points
  • patient-specific exercise programs to target muscle tightness and weakness
  • comprehensive core stability training
  • assessment and treatment of biomechanical abnormalities contributing to spinal pain
  • use of biofeedback
  • postural correction
  • return to work and return to sport programs
  • education to learn self-management and avoid injuries recurring, and
  • use of electrotherapy devices

Management after spinal surgery

For patients that have undergone spinal surgery we focus on tailored programs that are designed to address each patient’s specific needs. We work closely with a range of orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons who perform spinal surgery, and we keep in close contact with them throughout a patient’s period of recovery. We also provide a pre-operative assessment and treatment programs designed to improve recovery after surgery and complement our post-operative treatments.

We also offer small group Pilates and hydrotherapy sessions. Pilates classes are conducted on site in each of our practices. Our hydrotherapy service is conducted at the dedicated therapy pool at Ripples in St Mary’s. We also have an in-house dietitian who can also help our patients with weight-related issues that may be having an impact on their back pain and their recovery.


To make an appointment with one of our spinal treatment and rehabilitation specialists contact the clinic closest to you.