Our Norwest Team

Operating out of our Lexington Drive Clinic, conveniently located and with easy parking, our Norwest Physios are on hand to assist you with whatever services you require. Get in contact with our office now on 8814 5551 or find out more about our specialist team, below.

Sean Mungovan

B.App.Sc.(Physiotherapy) MPhil, Principal Physiotherapist, Assist. Prof. Bond University

  • Orthopaedic
  • Neurosurgical and sports physiotherapy
  • Men’s health
  • Clinical research
  • Exercise physiology
  • Inpatient and outpatient physiotherapy services

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John Breckenridge

B.Sc., Grad. Dip. Physiotherapy, M.Hlth.Sc. (Sports Physiotherapy), Principal Physiotherapist, APA Sports Physiotherapist, Hand Therapist CHT MAHTA

  • Clinical research of the shoulder, elbow and hand
  • Orthopaedic and sports physiotherapy
  • Golf injuries

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Nic Toose

Clinical Coordinator, Physiotherapist 
B. App.Sc. (Physiotherapy), Pilates Instructor, Aquatic Therapy, Hand Therapy


  • Rehabilitation after surgery or trauma
  • Hand therapy and management of upper limb injuries
  • Aquatic Therapy 
  • Management of neurological conditions
  • Pilates and core stability

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Felicity Martin

B.Hum.Mov, B.Ed (PDHPE), DPT

  • Falls Prevention
  • Pilates and core stability
  • Sports coverage

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Lindy McDonald

B.Sc.(Hons), B.App.Sc (Physiotherapy), Certified Hand Therapist CHT, MAHTA, MAPA

  • Rehabilitation after surgery or trauma of the hand Shoulder
  • Elbow and wrist assessment and rehabilitation
  • Customised upper limb splinting and bracing
  • Osteoarthritis of the hand

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Sai Lavanya Tummi


  • Hand therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Musculoskeletal physiotherapy
  • Balance and conditioning
  • Neurological pathologies
  • Post-operative rehabilitation

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Cameron New

Physiotherapy (B. Phty)

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Pre and post-operative Men’s Health services
  • Continence management
  • Intensive care physiotherapy
  • Post-operative orthopaedic management

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Nayomi Duong

BMedSc, MNutrDiet (Nutrition and Dietetics)

  • Weight management
  • Diabetes Management (Gestational, Type I and Type II)
  • Geriatric Nutrition
  • Paediatric Nutrition
  • Food intolerances
  • Nutritional management of gastroenterology patients

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Isabella Khoudair

B.App.Sc (Physiotherapy)

  • Musculoskeletal physiotherapy
  • Sports injury management
  • Hand Therapy
  • Acute and chronic injury management
  • Pre- and post-operative management and rehabilitation
  • Casting and splinting services 

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