Women’s Health

We have female physiotherapists specialising in women’s health, continence and obstetric care. All consultations are carried out in private rooms, with our patients assured of the utmost respect and comfort.

Our physiotherapists can help:

  • assisting women regain continence
  • treating pelvic organ prolapse
  • alleviating back and pelvic pain associated with pregnancy
  • helping regain abdominal and pelvic muscle tone after pregnancy
  • help women return to sport and exercise safely after pregnancy, and
  • prescription and fitting of SRC shorts, which are support garments designed to relieve pelvic girdle pain related to pregnancy


Contact your nearest clinic to arrange an appointment with one of our our women’s health specialists.

Some of the more common clinical names include:

Prolapse, Urine, Bladder, Urgency, Frequency, Stress Incontinence, Exercise Incontinence, Bowel, Faeces, Leakage, Uterine, Kegels, Control, Overactive, Pain, Discomfort, After Birth Issues, Pregnancy, Vaginismus, Dyspareunia, Painful Intercourse