Sports Injury Management

Sports Injury Management

Our physiotherapists specialise in identifying and treating the underlying cause of injuries. We use a comprehensive range of techniques to decrease the liklihood of injury recurring.

Treatment options include:

  • acute injury diagnosis, education and development of a treatment plan to facilitate recovery
  • referral for further investigations, or review by a specialist as needed
  • treatment that allows continued training and competition
  • customised home exercise programs
  • pool programs and hydrotherapy
  • biomechanical assessment including running, landing and sport-specific requirements
  • identification of muscle imbalances in strength, length and motor control
  • sport-specific screenings
  • taping and fitting of ankle guards to prevent injury
  • return to sport fitness testing
  • immobilisation for injuries, such as casting, splinting and fitting of orthopaedic boots
  • orthotics
  • load monitoring advice, and
  • pre-operative and post-operative care

Your physiotherapist will communicate with coaches and personal trainers as part of your treatment, which is central to the rehabilitation process.

Physiotherapists in our practice have a wealth of experience working in many sports including:

  • netball
  • rugby league
  • basketball
  • swimming
  • track and field
  • soccer
  • long distance running
  • cycling
  • dance, and
  • sports for athletes with a disability


Our sports injury management specialists are operating from a clinic near you. Contact us to make an appointment.