Boxing – a stronger and safer wrist

Whether training as a professional, as an amateur boxer or just for fitness, you transmit a considerable and repetitive force through your hand and wrist when boxing.  By hitting with great force, or just repetitively, it can be sufficient to cause instability within the hand and compromise functional use of one or both hands.

Helping those in need through ‘Support The Girls Australia’ this Christmas

This Christmas our Practice will be running a Christmas drive for the charity – Support The Girls Australia.

Support The Girls helps homeless and disadvantaged women from all cultures across Australia are in DESPERATE need of bras and personal hygiene products and toiletries. One of the goals of Support The Girls Australia is to ensure that they empower and encourage self-esteem and well being in women and girls by supplying them with the crucial items that they require to facilitate their overall health.

If you are able to help you can drop off suitable items at our Penrith, Blacktown or Norwest practice to help the Team help others this Christmas.

More details about the program can be from at

Knee Arthroscopy


Knee Arthroscopy Procedure 

Knee arthroscopy is a procedure performed through small incisions to repair injuries to tissues such as ligaments, cartilage or bone within the knee joint area with the use of a camera. Whether or not surgical treatment is the best intervention depends on a variety of factors, including age, degree of injury, and whether this is acute or of a chronic nature. Even though this procedure is not open surgery, all surgeries carry risks, such as blood clots, infections and injury risk to nerves, arteries or veins.

Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain

Are you tired of that shoulder pain that won’t let you sleep through the night? Did you do some spring cleaning on the weekend and now have an irritating ache in your shoulder?  Or perhaps you’ve had a little niggle that just won’t go away. You might have Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain (RCRSP).