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Why poor posture can give you headaches

Do you get headaches from just sitting at your office computer for a couple of hours? How about experiencing headaches after a long commute or a couple of hours studying for your exams? Think that poor posture is no big deal? Think again!

You see, we spend most of our days sitting. We are sitting in our cars during our daily commute. We sit at our 9 to 5 jobs. At the end of the day, we then go home and sit in front of our TVs or laptops to chill out after a long tiring day at work. Combine all that sitting with poor posture and you have a recipe for cervicogenic headaches, or in other words, a headache which originates from your cervical spine.

Swift Start

March 1st marked the start of the ANZ Netball Championship season for the NSW Swifts. Our practice is proud to support the NSW Swifts with three of our clinicians supporting the team –  Paula Peralta and Daniel Vukovic; the team physiotherapists as well as Samantha Rand the team’s sports dietitian.

Physiotherapist for the Australian Diamonds

The Practice is proud to announce that Paula Peralta from our Penrith rooms has been appointed Physiotherapist for the Australian Diamonds for the 2015 Netball World Cup. Held every 4 years, the Netball World Cup is the pinnacle event for international netball.

Physiotherapists for the NSW Swifts

A goal in the final seconds from the Waikatao Bay of Plenty Magic ended the NSW Swifts 2014 finals campaign in a nail biting 50-49 sudden dealth semi final encounter. Although not the finish the NSW Swifts had hoped for, it was the first finals appearance for the NSW Swifts since 2011. With six new players in the team and a new coaching line-up, the NSW Swifts have improved significantly and are already looking forward to coming back even stronger in the 2015 ANZ Championship season.

National Age Netball Championships

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Two of our team, Nathanial Harnett (Associate Physiotherapist, Sports Physiotherapy & Work Rehabilitation, Penrith) and Ryan Fraser (Physiotherapy Student and Assistant) were appointed to work with the NSW team at the 19/U National Netball Championships held in April in Melbourne. It was a great initiation to representative sports coverage for Nathanial and Ryan, and they are both looking forward to further involvement in the years to come.