The Clinical Research Institute

The Clinical Research Institute was established in 2012. The Institute undertakes and supports research in physiotherapy and related fields, to complement and improve the clinical services that we provide. Our research is shared through national and international conferences and peer-reviewed publications. We have supervised Honours and Masters students across the disciplines of physiotherapy, human movement sciences and medicine.

Current streams of research include:

  • physiotherapy and exercise in cardiac surgery
  • physiotherapy and pelvic floor muscle training for men with prostate cancer (men’s health and continence)
  • physiotherapy in high-performance sports
  • biomechanics of the shoulder and upper limb
  • the role of the brain in chronic shoulder pain, and
  • nutrition and dietetics.

Our Publications and Presentations

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If you are interested in collaborating or engaging with the Clinical Research Institute, or would like to know more about our research program, please contact Sean Mungovan.

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