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Patellofemoral Pain

Patellofemoral pain is defined as pain around, behind or under the patella (knee cap) that is aggravated by at least one activity that increases the load in your knee joint such as walking, climbing up and downstairs, jumping, or running. Sometimes you may also experience a grinding sensation in your knee or swelling deep in you knee joint.

 “When you’ve gotta go” – Overactive Bladder Syndrome in Men

Do you find yourself waking up more than once a night to go to the toilet?  Are you visiting the men’s room more than every 2 hours during the day?  Do you ever get the sudden uncontrollable urge to rush to the bathroom RIGHT NOW?

You may have what is known as Overactive Bladder Syndrome (OAB). OAB is relatively common, with figures from the Australian Urological Society estimating that approximately 16% of Australian men have the condition. Given that most men don’t freely discuss their bladder habits even with their doctor, the prevalence of OAB may in fact be much higher than this!

Update to Pilates Changes

From April 1st2019, changes to Private Health Insurance mean that ‘Pilates’ will no longer be covered.

Recommendations from the Australian Physiotherapy Association are that the insurer may still pay benefits if a Physiotherapist is still providing services within their scope of practice. Exercise is an evidence based form of treatment provided by Physiotherapists and it is acceptable for exercises drawn from a ‘Pilates’ background to form part of an exercise treatment approach. However, if a Physiotherapist conducts a ‘Pilates’ session whereby the only exercise is ‘Pilates based’ these benefits cannot be lawfully paid.

Have you ever woken up with neck pain for no reason at all?

No Reason Neck Pain

First; don’t panic!

Second; see your Physiotherapist.

Before you rush off to break the bank, decking yourself out with a top of the line, brand new mattress and pillows, have a consultation with your physiotherapist. Not only will they be able to accurately diagnose what is going on after completing a thorough assessment, they will be able to effectively direct you with evidence-based and scientifically supported management strategies to assist you back to your normal daily activities, getting you back to what you enjoy most! Your physiotherapist will also be able to assess whether you need to see your doctor, or if you need any scans, to ensure that you don’t have to wait for any relief and ensure that you are not burdened with any unnecessary scans or costs.